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    My time in Palm Springs is almost coming to an end.  Glenn and I have LOVED it here!  For almost 2 months now we’ve been in hot summer weather, with blue skies and have enjoyed hiking and lounging in our pool.

    Now we’re getting ready for a NEW adventure!  2 months in Europe this summer!  I’m really excited to come and see some familiar faces in London, and then I’m off to meet some new friends, clients and colleagues in Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest and Prague…to name a few! I come!

    I’d love to hear from those of you who live in Europe…where you are, or hot spots I should visit!

    Please visit my blog at and leave a comment as to what city you’re in or where you recommend I visit.

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    Today’s call was POWWWWWERFUL!  I so loved being with all you global women entrepreneurs.  Thanks for joining me live…and for those of you who missed the call or just want to re-listen…here’s your opportunity!

    Listen to today’s call here.




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